Received your Digital Proof?

Artwork Approval

Please read carefully

Here at ABL Signs we have taken every care to follow your instructions, but the final responsibility for the accuracy of this proof and therefore final product rests with YOU the customer. Once you have submitted this form you have given approval for production to begin - in the case where there are errors on the final products which were not alerted to it is solely the customer’s responsibility.

- All correct fonts were used / All text is spaced properly
- All images and colours are correct
- All important info is included
- All spelling and grammar is correct
- All wording is correct
- Contact numbers are correct
- Addresses are correct (Physical, email and web)
- Any dimensions included are correct
- The correct materials are being used


Since all computer monitors and devices display colour/s differently, ABL Signs cannot guarantee print colours will match colours viewed on screen or when printed. For these reasons, we do not accept returns based on colour or approved proof errors.

- I confirm that I have read and understood the information above and I understand that no liability will be attached to ABL Signs for any colour inconsistencies or proof errors perceived or otherwise.


* - By submitting this form, I confirm have reviewed all digital proofs. I accept full responsibility for this approval and hereby grant permission to proceed with production. I understand that revisions or error corrections after this approval will be deemed new work and invoiced additionally.